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Living without regret is my motto

After 17 years as a successful project manager, I felt empty and purposeless. I struggled to find meaning because I felt there was more to life. That led me to becoming a yoga/breathwork trainer in 2008. I then realised I wanted to help more people and make a bigger impact so I worked with prisoners and refugees to release their traumas and stresses. After volunteering in Iraq few years later, I became the director of a humanitarian org, where I worked with war survivors and vulnerable communities to support their mental health.

In total I have lived in 10 cities on 3 continents, changed careers 3 times and adjusted my vision each time. What kept me going was my iron-willed mindset to make a difference, to never regret my choices and use my inner light as my guide.

My purpose ? To remind you that everything is possible - we move forward when we heal, shift and reshape.


I now want to support those who know they want more out of life but are stuck in the process. 


Integrating change requires commitment and time. This is why I prefer to offer packages rather than single sessions. If I'm committed to your progress, I would like you to be committed to your own transformation and the processes put in place for it.

But first, it's important to connect and see if we are both comfortable with each other.

Therefore there is no payment before our 1st call in case we are not a match.

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