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Breathwork Sessions

A favorite among many clients, it is often times one of the keys to a more balanced mind, leading to more inner calmness and creativity.

Are you having sleepless nights, racing mind or anxiety ?

Working the breath opens up a new level of inner stability that is immediate and effective. It brings that much needed calmness and silence that helps us recharge, mentally and physically.

It increases mental space which allows us to be less reactive and more reflective in times of crisis or provocation.

After several sessions, you will use the breath as your favorite tool to handle the storms in your mind whenever and wherever they arise. 


Few shares :

"I could totally disconnect from my busy day in few minutes", Kent University master student

"I'm amazed how quickly my mind became quiet with simple exercises, Thank you Nina", French homemaker

"I've been doing your workshops since few weeks and your selection of techniques for different symptoms seems bottomless", Anissa

Jean says : "I could finally fall back asleep after practicing what you showed me - what a relief to be able to get deep sleep"

"When I'm stuck in traffic, I take few breaths in the Gamma sequence and I'm less nervous", Haleh, a social worker

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