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Welcome to Your New Journey

"Nina creates such a warm, friendly and safe environment in which to work through her ICCD approach. Even though her approach is simple in nature, I found it to be incredibly powerful. The simple thing of setting intentions for the year ahead has given me clarity and insight about who I am and what I want to achieve. She's asked challenging questions and those have really helped me lay the foundations for my success this year. I've been held accountable and I have a roadmap moving forward with the work that we've done together so I recommend to anyone if you really want to get clear with some of the things you want to achieve this year to work with Nina & ICCD." Angela (Australia) Jan 2021

"I really enjoyed working with Nina, she made me feel very comfortable and safe to it was easier to talk about even darker aspects. It was very interesting and it really helped me to free myself of certain blocks. Her 3 month formula, was strange at the beginning because I'm used to paying by session but at the end, it was better because it forced me to commit for 3 months and helped me to see things till the end, despite my doubts. Nina was always available for me and and her coaching helped me progress to finish what I started. I really recommend Nina because she's exceptional, reliable, really cares for her clients. Thank you"  Stephanie (France) Dec 2020


Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed ?

Are you ambitious but tired of fighting your own battles ?

Are you committed to be a better version of yourself but feel lost ?

Do you want to achieve your dreams instead of dreaming your dreams ? 

If are you struggling with this for more than 1 year, let's talk.

Book your free call so we can start healing, shifting and reshaping together.


Intention Conviction Commitment Discipline

ICCD is a simple framework that has helped thousands of people around the world to improve their decision making process and give them confidence to step outside their comfort zone and take the risk.

It's based on 4 key elements :

  • Intention : how clear are you on your goal ? have you considered all options ?

  • Conviction : are you sure you want this ? are you doubt-free ?

  • Commitment : what are you ready to invest in to reach your goal ?

  • Discipline : what steps are required to keep the momentum ? what tasks are required ?

Individual Sessions

I offer different services to help you overcome personal challenges, nurture your spirit, and allow you to achieve your goals.


I cater to each of my client’s  needs in order to unlock their full potential to reach their vision in the most holistic manner.



Do you feel like you're not good enough?

That you don't deserve love & happiness?  

Are your destructive patterns ruining your relationship or career or health? 

Do you want to move away from these? I did. I took control over my life and the direction in which I wanted to move. It worked for  me and it will work for you too.

Through dialogue and energy reading, these subconscious programs will be shifted to allow you to regain confidence, get more clarity and be in harmony with the person that you want to be. 

Book your free intro call today so we can see if ThetaHealing® is your suitable way forward.



Even if we are ambitious and goal driven, each of us can experience hard times, but only a few want to get clarity and pick up the momentum again. With my ICCD sessions, you’ll learn how to shift your perception, deal with any habits that might hinder your progress, better control your mindset and strengthen your confidence level in order to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. I use a variety of techniques such as ThetaHealing®, the Silva Method, NLP, TGROW model, breathwork and other life skills to get you to your goal in a holistic and lasting manner.

Click on the button here below to book your call so we can see how I can support you.

Beatrice speaks about her experience in ThetaHealing®

"I did few sessions with Nina and I have to admit that I'm baffled by this tool. Being a therapist myself, I follow a lot of different therapies, even for myself, as it's required and necessary. I've been dealing with my weight issues since many years with different experts, and my first session with Nina was incredible, with precision and a very direct approach. It was just WoW! I was left in awe !"                                                                              Dec 2020

Angela speaks about her experience in ThetaHealing®

"I had blocks related to my childhood. I wanted to feel appeased and less influenced by these events. I needed to free myself from all this suffering in order to progress in my life. ThetaHealing helped me find inner serenity. After few sessions I noticed I wasn't drawn to these past blocks anymore. And now I feel lightness which helps me to move forward and make the right choices. So I want to thank you Nina, for your coaching and your care"                                                                            Nov 2020


Let this be your 1st step towards change;

in the right direction.

Looking forward to connecting with you

(To give you full attention, I only take 5 clients a month)

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