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Inner Mastery

Group courses :Towards a better version of Yourself

"I was enthusiastic about the course and my results. What I learned was so fundamental in order to change things I'm less happy about and at the same time they are no less than magical!

I cannot praise and thank you enough for teaching such good practical-magical tools. Other similar courses seem quite aloof, fluffy and esoteric in comparison with yours!

H.M. (Denmark)


"It’s a course which gave me some valuable insights as to why I have certain patterns, and for me they were really mind-blowing!


The course also offers the tools to help change these patterns, which I found really helpful.

The course is given at a high pace and spotlights a lot of different subjects, which in the end all come together. It felt like a full circle, filled with knowledge and tools."

Anneke (Holland)

Fashion Designer

"The inner mastery course was like a wake-up call for the mind. It was a present to me, to remind me the possibility of learning. We explored new things during each session and it teaches you to believe in your own capabilities. This makes life interesting and keeps the mind vivid. "

Eva (Belgium)


"I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend 2 of Nina's courses (Basic and Deep Dive). I have to say that it was a life changing experience for me. It has helped me immensely in gaining better focus, clarity and hopefulness.

I highly recommend these courses for all those waiting for positive change to happen to them. Nina is a wonderful and thoughtful coach and my respect for her wisdom and knowledge on topics related to mindfulness has only increased after attending these sessions."

Anjana (Belgium)


Redirect your attention & energy where you want

Find balance and flow by having a practical framework that facilitates your day-to-day management

Deep Dive:

Break those patterns

Become the person you really want to be by finally breaking those unwanted habits and move daily towards a better version of yourself


"Through each week in Inner Mastery Basic with Nina I'm finding that with ease, layers have been lifted, past-pain has become illuminated and transformed into light, and cultivating compassion will be forever at the heart of all I do. In addition, the sacred space holding from Nina alone has given me this opportunity to feel seen, heard and held in safety."

Georgina (UK)


"An amazing course - with simple practical tools yet which are so revealing and help you understand so much about your own patterns. Journey from procrastination to productivity - am so sorted! 
Thank you Nina for this wonderful journey and for being an amazing coach. Thank you for wonderful energy and ease with which you take us through and the constant motivation to make magic happen  - definitely recommend it to all my friends 💕"

Vanisha (Belgium)


"In only 4 weeks I was able to change my habits !!

I followed Nina's Deep Dive course and I really enjoyed her practical approach and toolkit.


I was able to break away from my negative  patterns that have been with me for a while through well targeted exercises." 

Monta (Latvia)


"She connects the best of East and West !


I like Nina's style, it's light, natural and fluid. She shares her experiences and knowledge  on our brain, habits, patterns in a non-traditional way. 


She's very present, flexible and hands on. I'm already waiting for the next course !

Hanna (Belgium)

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