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Wellness in Hospitals

Since May 2023, four hospitals of Brussels are benefiting from a monthly session of chair yoga and breathwork in order to give the medical staff a break and a moment to recharge from their heavy workload.

Breathing in Monaco

In May 2023, I was invited to host energising sessions to 400 participants of a Tech Summit over 3 days - they had +14 meetings a day so these wellbeing sessions helped give rest and balance to their mind and body. And it was great fun for me as well! 

Neuroplasticity ?


Giving a workshop on neurosplasticity is always a pleasure because if we really want to create a sustainable change in our thinking or behavior, understanding how neuroplasticity plays a role is really important. The session was full of exercises and laughter as participants explored their own levels of plasticity and experienced the progress.

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Making teams stronger


Wellbeing, Stress reduction and Burnout prevention have been hot topics in the current context of summer 2022.

Several NGOs benefited from practical tools as well as deeper exposure on how to improve their individual resilience as well as ensure the team's wellbeing.

Inner Mastery  

Basic & Deep Dive

Were pre-launched in January and February 2021 with great success and +65 participants.

Read testimonials here


Join my walking series

2 to 3 min videos bringing to light tendencies of our mind - over 50 topics. Subscribe here

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Podcast interview

Listen to my podcast interview with Winanda Van Delft where I shared the roller coaster ride of following one's true passion and we need to keep re-evaluating what drives us and how it drives us.

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